terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2012

Time/ a boring story

Okay so I haven't gotten over him. Nope a whole summer and it's only getting worse and the worse part is I'm getting jealous.  And to top that off I'm acctually going crazy.

You see I now see him everywhere and hear his laughter in places where I know he would never be.
So if this isn't going crazy I don't know what is (which would be a good thing , maybe?)

And yesterday these were the thoughts that went through my head :

I've got the following options: own up to it, suck it up and get over it, or do something about it. The problem is I'm inclined to go the radical approach.

The problem is I'm still considering the radical approach .

p.s. I'm starting to pay attention to the colour of his shirts. Yesterday it was shamrock Green, or what I call Irish Green and no it wasn't faded.

I tried talking to him but he was on his cellphone. So I am cursing cell phones to hell . And so I said nothing.
Yes and I followed him out but all it got me was to hear his sweet laughter (see i'm going crazy) at something I possibly said but I really don't know how that was funny.

Okay I'll explain. I followed him but then as we got to the door Ernest open the door for him and the ladies me and an Alto. Ernest said 'i'll open the door for you unlike now-a-days ' and I went through as well as Isabel (i think it's her name) and then said 'that's true, that's very true. people don't do that anymore and it's very sad.' He laughed (I though ah his laugh, which I probably at one point might have though was annoying or maybe not). And then I walked kinda close beside Ernest and him and then when it came time to cross he went to the bus ( I was sad, and remembered that when I bought my pass this month it meant I couldn't follow him to the bus. One day if I don't get over him I will, but I'll have to plan it well. even if I have to use my zapping). He said goodbye to Ernest, ernest said goodbye ( I thought about saying goodbye but said nothing) and me and Ernest turned right and Ernest talked a bit until we got to the cross walk. I went alone into the metro and sat sulking a bit on a bench as I saw a train come and go.
Then Mario saw me and said hi. I said hi back (had to be polite) got on the same train, waved goodbye and got out at the next stop. Sat on my sulking bench in 'In between Fields' sulking remembering the last time I had sat on that bench crying because I was really tiered that day and because I had run so fast I had missed him and saw him talking to Ernest on the train. That bench.

Life is all about timing. I have had really bad timing so maybe I have to stop trying.

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  1. Estás a ficar com ciúmes de quem? O.o O que é que eu ando a perder no coro??????????????


    E olha, já começaste a sonhar com ele? ;)