terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2015


People are cruel. Yes even your former teacher who you know added on social network can be cruel.
You put up a post where you are reflecting and thinking about how you feel and another person half the world away can say something to make you cry.
It's tough love they say. Well you can't express an opinion without knowing the context.
I suddenly remember why I left that place.

People are cold. It's deeper than their bones. In other countries people may be mean and cruel but cold no. Hot headed, temperamental but never cold.

I'm 8 hours away and you tell me to get off of social network and work?
Clearly the memory of a person is better than the reallity.
I suppose my mind even created a better version of what was...
For some reason someone who taught you once feels entitled to give you cold tough love. I don't live where you live. Here bullying is not proven to be a way of creating incentive to work.

Bullying. Now you can be bullied by someone on the other side of the world. They don't see your face. They don't care. More and more I feel the differences in culture.
Your ancestors may have come from Europe but you are no European. You have lost the heat that made your blood boil like lava. You lack the mild warm waters of the medditeranean of the Atlantic bathing you.
We may be getting colder but we will never be frozen glaciers. We thaw! You don't except for your own kind. You are the racist, the ignorante, and centered only on yourself. You were the product of multiculturalism and yet you do nothing to be intercultural. You show tolerance as a mask where your skin should be acceptance.
You may call it the old country or the new continent but it has a younger, fresher, brighter mentality than yours.
It's not a question of age but of being open minded. Tear off! your masks for underneath you are nothing but ice! Where is the compassion you so wish for?

I have learnt in almost six years more than I did my entire life on your frozen shores. Here I can breath, be free, see old and new.
I am not passive. I am active and more than anything I believe.

sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2015

Just write....

There are those people  who year in and  year out say change is coming their way yet they aren't ever the change that they seek. Year after year they foretell of their glory, of the kingdome that they have been promised without deserving it. Of their great might. Of the Glory of a great God who has chosen that they should be the leaders of men... and then like a shadow it passes.

Like water in the desert. It is all but a mirage but then those who year in and year out care for and love these people. People who are perhaps crazy, perhaps delusional, maybe they are the ones that God has chosen to do something great. That great thing being to love the people so lacking in their connection to reality.

How would you feel to hear someone claim that they were chosen by God to be followed, to be a renewed Christ when every year their small following is ever smaller...
    One day no one will follow you... yet I stay and wait... Wait for moments when a father is once again a father and his feet breefly touch the ground...
     A life of waiting...

Maybe I'm just multi-tasking :P waiting and doing something else.