terça-feira, 11 de março de 2014

snot filled and under a dark cloud

I feel sad. Doesn't seem like anyone cares I know I am with my  boyfriend but it's not the.end all. Plus he follows me because I bring  food.
 And what else is new? Well my dad has come and isn't the best house guest.     I am under a dark cloud.  I don't know if I still have friends. Friends are hard to  make try starting over in a new country just shy of 18. I had friends I tried showing them I care. Now I am just tiered lost in space.
Oh and I know for a fact that my flu is Canadian. Along with the maple syrup he brought me from Toronto he also transported this flu with him last Sunday.
 Just off the plane and what are the first two things he said to me after not seeing his only daughter for a year?
Hi and after I tried to give him a kiss no no you know I don't like lipstick yuck vampire.
   For while now I have been under a dark cloud. Not one choir rehearsal goes by where I don't think about quitting and yet I still try to give my best though disheartened.  Friends I had now have other friends. I know so little about their lives. I am the last one to know anything even fro, my prince -in-socks .
Feeling disheartened with school . What's the point  I already have my ba. Still some days I try to understand and try to make sense of it.
One safe person now blabbed to his parents.
I envy those who have birthday s mine is considered to be a part of Christmas...
My stuff isn't selling... my site is at a stand still... and now with the buying of Lord lapis lazuli's manor my foreign affairs minister sais I must be present as I am heir to lapis lazuli in all things good but mainly bad....
Perhaps I have turned into the snot caught bubble of a cloud....

 Sometimes silence is but the loudest of all screams