domingo, 25 de março de 2012

My first Rose of Spring

My first Rose of Spring

Excerpt From Finding Jenny

''It is so hard to pick a language when we speak three that are all a part of us. I choose to speak the language of music because it seems almost boundless and universal. How can I say I choose this one or that when neither one is less or more valuable in my mind. I use English, I use French, and I use Portuguese because they are all a part of how I express myself. No language is better than the others. At times the meaning in my mind can only be expressed with the use of all three.
So language is my liberty
my freedom
my unending horizon.'' (Excerpt from Finding Jenny: A tale of identity)

sábado, 24 de março de 2012


Stalking is a serious problem that effects many people. Especially women. 60% according to some statistics.
 It is time we step up and say NO to stalking! No to suffering in silence! NO to having our fears ignored!
So NO to emotional rape! NO to being robbed of our freedom to say NO!

NO to being afraid!
NO to suffering in silence!
NO to being robbed of our freedom!
NO means NO!
If someone says it more than twice it is abuse.

Victims of stalking suffer emotional bruises. If someone says they are being stalked or tells you of someone with stalker like behaviour help them. Because we all want to live normal and free lives.

Avoid being a victim or use the best tool you have which is slience.

quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012

Under the sun

Under the sun
I watched the children run
Under the sun
I watched them have fun

Under my breath
I humme a tune
I wondered about the moon

Under my feet
the cobble stone street

Under my nose
A smile
as I walk a mile

Under my eyes
blushing cheeks
show how I'm weak
at gentlemen's gaze
Oh rather his

So under my feet
step by step
I feel the cobble stone street
as I linger with a forgotten smile
as I walk my mile

Poem: I think I got a crush

The way he talks
the way he walks
For those I don't care
I'd much rather know
if the weather be fine or fare
It's not about his stride
or how his smile can be double-wide
I don't really know
what it is
It could be his eyes like summer skies
but i couldn't tell
i'm still hidding in my shell.
So do I notice when he's there?
Yes, cause for some reason i care.
Do I look to see if he came
though clearly I have no aim?
yet what could it be
that which makes me giggly
it can not be his gaite,
his weight?
Though a nice laughter
I suppose
I wonder how my state arose?
For this crush
is turning me to mush
It can not be his height
though as I think
it just might.
Could it be his hair?
No for it I don't really care.
He is nice
but so is ice.
yet why is this so?
How did it ever grow?
How am I to know?
what am I to do
he hasn't got a clue
but perhaps the best thing to do
is nothing at all