terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2014

fusion or fision (choir)

For months now two choirs have been put to the test. Fuse fiz or finish.

Meetings on end and the truth is I feel like it has separated us. All because of ideology and politics. It's  all a question of politics and meanwhile what really unites us has been put aside. We just want to sing.

I want to sing but after  putting in so much work into this I am not ready to sing at any cost.

Now is the time to make an important decision. Stay : fuse or fiz and  leave.

The attempt to fuse two choirs is in fact fision and not fusion. Because stuff is lost along the way and it is polluted. Pollution which divided us, united us, turned us against each other....

For months I silently listened knowing that what we needed was a solution. It seemed like we started from the end only to come back to the beginning. Initially I accepted the idea that the people from the other choir would become choir 'mates' ...

Now I am happy that there is a solution (if it can really be considered a solution, it is more of a conclusion to his lengthy business) .

 On one hand I know that every year  new members come in and we change . inevitably we change and I have accepted it because I also had to be accepted into this dinamic (the choir) .
Now I am one of the sopranos with more years under my belt.

On the other hand I have been singing in choirs for  almost 9 years and  want to grow musically. I don't want to go back to singing repertoire that I could have sung in highschool, I don't  want to be in an environments  that is divided and unaccepting or rigid. Because after all this , choir is an extra activity. It does not contribute to my academic life, in fact it has taken away from it but because of the community, the friendship and the support it has  Been invaluable to my academic life, giving me  confidence or a place to forget my worries for two hours.
This semester it has not but since I have now finished my BA perhaps I will let life decide.

If  it fits into my new schedule I should continue if not I leave  with my memories....

quarta-feira, 18 de junho de 2014

Apesar das entradas e saidas da cena

Apesar das entradas e saidas da cena gosto do espectáculo. Há momentos maus, e sim momentos bons.

Desde que haja mais um dia para cantar, mais um dia para viver.  Não é facil, nunca foi mas sim vale a pena viver. Nem sempre o achamos mas tenho achado isso durante mais tempo seguido desde que entrei em cena em Portugal.

Acho que para mim é mais fácil quando saiem de cena permanentemente porque acredito que essas pessoas continuam mas noutro estado, noutro patamar de existência para alem da nossa comprienção.


Não gosto de mudança, do desconhecido mas se formos a ver temos todos medo do desconhecido. É normal a aprienção...

Por vezes o desonhecido é uma coisa bela mas temos de ir com cuidado.

A vida conta se em momentos de alergria e sorrisos.
E não faz mal ter medo, ter medo das entradas e saidas da cena.


CBC radio 2 for me

Since I was a little girl I have always loved to turn the radio dial searching for classical music. I love the sound of the violins the voices of the radio hosts...

It is quite unlike anything the voice of a good radio host. The smoothness of the voice. It can't be someone who's voice comes in sharp contrast with the music being played, but plays on the pauses of the music like whispers.

And so one day I found CBC radio 2. I mean really found it. I had listened many times before but then I was unaware of what it was.

From that day on my radio was always on radio 2. When studying I would turn it on... When reading or embroidering...
It helped shape the music that I listen to, that I already loved.

It brought me closer to the music I love.

Many things have shaped me musically but listening to classical music on the radio, I believe, was one of the building blocks, that along with destiny and a bit of luck, led me to coral music.

Since the beginning of this love for classical music I have developed ambitions or dreams that have come true in the realm of classical music.
 I have sung Beethoven's 9th symphony, twice, once having been in a cathedral.
 I have sung songs from various opera's , last year the repertoire was all Verdi.

Sometimes the building blocks, our dreams will in fact bring us somewhere... The trick to this is that we don't know what will happen to us. Or when fate, or destiny will come into play.

Perhaps it is a question of love.

If we love something without seeking anything in return, maybe, just maybe it will look at us favorably and allow us to bask in its glow instead of letting us look upon it from a far...

terça-feira, 17 de junho de 2014

entradas e saidas de cena

Afinal a malta não escreve, afinal há gente que sai do coro,... Tantas entradas em cena so para voltarem a sair...

Não gosto quando as pessoas saiem de cena... Nunca sabeos se os voltamos a ver.
Tenho medo da saída de cena.

As coisas estão sempre a mudar...
Não gosto.

Mas será que eu sai de cena a dada altura?
Será que isso me fez perder amigos, desperdiçar momentos?

Apesar destas entradas e saidas em cena não posso esquecer as personagens que povoaram o palco da minha vida...
     Mas nunca...

Tenho vivido em dois países... Tenho estado entre pessoas e caras diferentes... Tenho 21anos de respiracoes ... Vários kilometros percorridos...
              E sei que resume se às entradas e saidas em cena.