quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012

Poem: I think I got a crush

The way he talks
the way he walks
For those I don't care
I'd much rather know
if the weather be fine or fare
It's not about his stride
or how his smile can be double-wide
I don't really know
what it is
It could be his eyes like summer skies
but i couldn't tell
i'm still hidding in my shell.
So do I notice when he's there?
Yes, cause for some reason i care.
Do I look to see if he came
though clearly I have no aim?
yet what could it be
that which makes me giggly
it can not be his gaite,
his weight?
Though a nice laughter
I suppose
I wonder how my state arose?
For this crush
is turning me to mush
It can not be his height
though as I think
it just might.
Could it be his hair?
No for it I don't really care.
He is nice
but so is ice.
yet why is this so?
How did it ever grow?
How am I to know?
what am I to do
he hasn't got a clue
but perhaps the best thing to do
is nothing at all

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