domingo, 30 de setembro de 2012

If he discovers this blog I'm screwed!

Okay so it has come to my attention that if Prince Cookie ever discoveres this blog I might as well change my name and move to a differente city. That is unless he somehow found the fact that I am talking about him somehow I don't know like a compliement, which it isn't. I write what I feel but I do embelish a bit. What can I say I have the soul of a writer (maybe not a very good one but still). 
This blog is about me. About my perception of some events in my life. The cookie tales are basically part of what goes on in my head as I have stuggled with this crush since it took larger perportions. 
To normal people the perportion is acctually very small.
But it's normal to be scared, especially if you are part 'scardy cat'.

For now I will admit this much I don't want to mess this up. I don't want to jinks the first real thing I have felt for someone. It's just a crush, but I don't think I've ever blushed this much. To the exception of last week when I stepped on the choir director's foot, and only realized it 20 seconds later. It wasn't on purpose but I did turn beet red. Clearly to him it was nothing but to me it was as if I had accidentally stepped on the President's foot.

5 comentários:

  1. AHAH!!! Pisaste o L.!!!!!!! XD

    Mas é para isto que os blogs servem, para escrevermos o que quisermos! ;) Vê lá que já me disseram que pareço ter 14 anos a escrever o meu... lol

    1. ya pisei o Rei do Reino da Corularia.

      This blog is our little secret and everything I write is 'fiction'.