domingo, 9 de setembro de 2012

My heart is Pounding!! and no it's not a cake.

Just when I’m calmly googling recipes in order to use my oh so cherished Vanilla Beans My e-mail pops up with a message saying I receive a ‘reply’ from Mr. Cookie. And guess what My heart starts pounding in my chest! And I think what the hell did I say something wrong?

I honestly thought that my reply was pretty much a closed ended one and then I get another message and  I honestly have no clue what to say to it.

Mr Cookie said ‘ You know it’s easier to make cakes when I’m not on vacation because I spend a lot of time not home.’

How the hell am I suppose to interpret that?

I should be good at interpreting things. For heavens sakes I’m taking a Licenciatura which consists of literature, and that consists in interpretation.

Sometimes two people can speak the same language and know the cultural context of that language, and it can be their mother tongue but still not actually know what the other one is saying.

This happened often between the Crazy Duke of Blue and Nonna blue his mother. If it can happen in families it can happen with people who are not related in any way what so ever!
Sadly I share the some of the genetic make up of the two just mentioned So I princess Cinder-in-hella am screwed in terms of interpretation at times.

This would be one of those times.

But in the words of me when I am calm ‘You are just confused.’
Although I did have a friend say that about the Crazy Duke of blue once.

and yes Brimsty I'm over exagerating but that's just what I do.

4 comentários:

  1. Lindo! ;)

    Portanto, eu digo-te para responderes qualquer coisa! O objectivo aqui é seres tu a ser a última pessoa a mandar mail! Se bem que os ensaios começam amanhã (sad me...) podem continuar a conversa ao vivo...

  2. mas eu não sei responder a isso.
    digo ah fixe quando estas de férias estas fora?

  3. Sabes é que é me mais fácil fazer bolos quando não estou de férias porque estou bastante tempo fora de casa...

    this is what he said

    1. I said 'oh I didn't know. You must travel a lot.'

      and then I never heard from him again.
      Next time I'll wait a while before I reply.

      As for the recipe Sleeping Beauty tried it and it did't work so I acctually want to know if I everyone is having a hard time with my recipe.
      It's not the greatest but it tastes good.