sábado, 22 de setembro de 2012

Feeling Stupid/ Random

'Tiered of feeling stupid? Well join the club '' she said to the little brown pug dog that followed her as she walked faster and faster across the field.

''You know what?'' she asked the dog. The dog clearly didn't answer. '' I think he's deleted me from his facebook. I think I'm here going crazy and he's never given a second thought to me.
See that's why I feel stupid.''

'' Yesterday I looked at him from the side and his shirt was one of the colours of the sunset outside. I took a second look at the shirt and it wasn't a nice shirt at all. It looked like it had been washed too many times fading the design printed on. And the seams! I think I could see the seams. I can't see all that well but I think he was wearing his shirt inside out. Not kool but on the other side there is that saying that says that if you put on a shirt inside out without noticing you will get a gift.

I also noticed his hand was in a form I had seen all my life in Church on a statue of Saint John the Baptist.

Today as I came to school I thought I saw him. And I feel like I'm seeing him everywhere.

Oh what's the point you're just a dog. What do you know? I bet you don't even care.'' she said as she finally sat down on a part bench.

The little dog barked, lifted his head and sat.

''I guess you do wanna listen.'' she said stressing the 'do'.

''Fine I guess I can keep talking to you. Well little dog I can't seem to concentrate in Choir. And we all know why. If I keep this up my hands will be all marked from my pressing my nails into my palms.
But I did something that helped a bit. Aurora told me that we are whom we believe we are. And for half and hour I remembered I was an Adult and I was able to concentrate. Not that I didn't think at least 3 times of quitting the choir.

Do you think I should e-mail him asking if he wants to practice french and english with me? Or should I try talking to him.

See little dog part of me wants to try and part of me wants to run in the opossite direction forgetting this ever happened.

Oh little dog what to do. I even prayed to know what to do and I come back with no answers. I know there must be this bigger plan that I just don't see right now.

Oh well little dog thanks for listening.''

She smiled at the little dog.

She stayed on the park bench thinking long before the little dog had left.

She wasn't unhappy just tiered of being confused.

The little dog walked with her home everyday for the next two months and he listened attentively when she talked to him.

(The Cookie Princess- Tales of a princess in my head)

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