sábado, 22 de setembro de 2012

New but not recent redundant prose

When you have times when your mind goes everywhere and nowhere the same kind of prose always comes up.
And from one of those moments comes this crappy prose

Endless denying
half of me
still wanting

Divided in two
or maybe three
feels like
i've got too much
to think

Trying to avoid the dreams
and for a while
it helps
Then back to sero
and back to confused
I go

Nothing makes sense
some say it will
I don't believe them
yet still I hope

Trying to put the past
in it's place
yet it keeps jumbling my thoughts
in the present
Past turning into present
doesn't let the futur
and present stand

Hipocracies and mediocracies
no longer making sense

and strength in between
giving this confusion
a endless sheen

Hiding behind confusion
when the answers
are already there
they aren't the answers
given by my heart

Stereos, tv's , media, advertizing
and people's voices
Trying to find the truth
in silence
yet subjected
to it's defening sound.

The voices inside
 ecco the ones outside
Which ones to hear
and which ones not

Stuck in a limbo
dreams and reality.
if the dreams are mine
or someone else's.

Dreams that look like reality
and reality that closely resembles a dream
Decisions decisions the more I think
about it
the less I take
need to think once and quickly jump
or end up staying in the same place

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