sábado, 8 de setembro de 2012


So I took my own advice for once.
Well acctually my aunt's but I posted it here and it suddenly showed up on my screen so I did it.

My hear was beating fast like when you've stollen something and you know the police is gonna find you.

Well I got a reply. Needless to say it still remains small talk (which is rather calming for me. I mean people small talk at parties where they don't know people so it's still safe though uncharted territory.)

He said his vacation was good and that cookies still remain a dream.
And asked me how mine were.

I haven't replied yet.
And maybe I won't.
It is at times like these that I miss my Rita Snow White, as well as the rest of the princesses. I fear the few times I've spoken with Aurora I've overdone it. God help her with a crazy friend like me.

Everything we do involves taking a risk, taking a chance.

My only fear is that taking these chances keep me from doing what I want to do well, which is sing.
But yet again maybe I am undervaluing my own ability to focus.

6 comentários:

  1. Just answer a simple reply! ;) But answer. It's important! ;)

  2. it has to be simple? Like as minhas férias foram engraçadas, or foram boas.
    And as for the cookies. Ah summer really isn't the best time to make them.
    I don't know what to say about the cookies in the dreams!

  3. Não tem que ser simples, mas já que morres de vergonha, é melhor começar por aí! ;) Mas a questão importante é responderes!

    Eu de cookies não percebo nada! ^^'

  4. I did it oh great Brimsty! Happy? Oh e a tua Dani mudou um bocadinho nas férias. A ideia de perguntar acerca das férias foi minha e só minha. Os nervos são da old Dani mas o espírito areado é da Nova Dani.

  5. Quando te vir já nem te conheço! XD