sábado, 5 de maio de 2012

Poem to a prince

Does he notice

When I check to see if he there

Even if he doesn’t notice

I can’t say that’s unfair.

What would he think

If he knew.

Probably does just doesn’t know how to chew.


If i told you I always check to see if you came

I know you probably think I’m lame

If I told you you had a good voice

What would you say?

Would you show me your smile?

If I told you I look for your voice

Amid the other male voices

Would you think it kind

Or rather crazy

If I told you I had run out of reasons

To sit beside you

But that I had run out of reasons not

Would you think me a fool?

If I told of how the thought of you makes me smile

If I told how much I try not to

 but always end up looking to see where you are

would you think I have gone too far?

If I told you how when I look away

It is to smile

You must think me dry

And formal

But what do people do when they feel scared?

The unknown is scary

Liking you and not knowing you is my fear

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