segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2012

Ending part of No words for an Orlando

It was over, and it was too late. Rosalind has finished her story and Orlando now had a girlfriend.

He would never know how she felt, and she would never know if he could have ever seen her in that light. It was all a dream. He was just a dream she had dared to dream. Now she would forever not know his personality, his likes and dislikes.

She could wait for him but might hit it off with his girlfriend and further down the road marry her and never divorce her. Oddly enough this didn’t seem bad since it would mean that he would have found his soul mate and however much it ached her not to have said anything she knew that if he did find his other half there would be no motive to me sad. She might just one day jokingly admit to having had a crush on him but that wouldn’t be for many years.

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    1. In the short story he ends up getting one because he doesn't know Rosalind likes him.
      Since the title is no words for an Orlando I thought it would be an apropriate ending.

      In real life 'Orlando' John is still single on fb.