terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012

goodbye to cookies

The cookies have been baked

The kitchen has been cleaned

The oven has cooled down

And the cookies eaten

The fun was in the sugar

The fun was in the flour

The fun was in chocolate

Which I ate every hour

The fun was in the butter

In the vanilla too

The brown sugar

Made them nice to chew

The cookies have been put away

The story has been told

We grow very old

The cookie jar is empty

Yet full of hot air

The cookies were eaten

No reason to pull up a chair.

Goodbye to the cookies I ate

Goodbye to them once more

What the hell am i bidding adieu to cookies for?

Yet good bye to them

For my teeth are rotten

And my belly is wide

Old age has grabbed

me like the flowing of the tide.

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