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No Words for an Orlando

Excerpt from No Words for an Orlando

Context: The main character (Rosalind)  is trying to write a story. This is what she writes.  The fact that she has a crush and no words for 'orlando' inevitably  has an effect on her attempt to write her story.  This is what she writes

''The first time she had seen him he seemed to glow with an aura and walk like a roman god. His quiet manner his soft gaze. His smile. It was nothing new to her. The right smile on the right guy could make her heart go pitter-patter. It was as if the brightness of the smile made her blind to everything else. What she wanted was a kind guy with a wonderful smile, because a smile made her heart melt. Naturally her romantic notions were all to be found in her collection of romance novels to which she clung as much as to her bible because in a way they were parables, she believed, that would lead her to romance. Due to lack of experience in anything amorous she found herself googling the subject constantly and thinking about him all the time. Most girls liked ‘talk, dark and handsome’ while she liked ‘tall, kind and smile.’ So it was naturally no surprise that she had crushed on him.

At the beginning she never even looked at him. He was always curious and curiosity best suited puppies and not so much gown men. So it was only four years later that she had actually looked at him for the first time. Since then she could barely look at other guys.
He had become the god of her crush world, and being monotheistic in real life she could only have one god in the land of crushing.

To normal people he might just be a normal average guy but to her he was THE guy.''

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