quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2012

'All good things come to and End'

'All good things come to an end'

The heart no longer races
my pulse is once again sincronized to life

my mind wonders
only ever so slighlty
only ever so lightly

the poetry is over
finished and gone
but the battle was never won

back to normality
to what a crush should be
a moment of passion and idiocity

the song has been sung
the cards have been layed
the game has been played

I suppose I never jumped
I admit I once ran
but perhaps I folded
too early

I am told to jump
to ask to try
instead I spend all my time wondering why

For now I accept this time of peace
and reflection
as a time of inner inspection

They say say something
do something or you will never know
but right now I need a little peace to grow

I fear regreting not having said a thing
but what should I do
when I don't know if he has a clue

Perhaps neither have I
and that is why I wonder why
now I have played my cards
it is time to see what cards he will play

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