sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012

I am obsessing!!! over waiting. etccc..

''I am obsessive. If you didn't know that until now then consider yourself lucky. This is probably why I am prone to easily becoming addicted to things. Until now I have been obsessive about cookies, getting people's attention. Ya I'm a soul sucker in that respect. I am a good person this is just one of my random faults. I don't have a low self esteem I'm just brave enought to admit my faults.
I am obsessive. Today I am obsessing over waiting for a Princess to tell me at what time we meet to bid her adieu since she must go back to her kingdom beyond the rolling hills for Princess academie is over and she has not found a prince to staple her down.
So now I wait infront of my magic mirror (ya modern princess all have one now). And now while I await for the princess I am scanning a whole book for another because I am obsessive. And summer is the worst time to be obsessive for me because I need to be kept busy or suffer going crazy especially when I spent a year waiting so that I would have time to do things but then there is no one to do them with.
And then I ask myself why last summer I went on date with the first footman that dared to ask me out. Well there you have it : boredom. And no other male on this planet had ever asked me out. (Maybe with the exception of one, which left me unsure if I had even been asked and if I had agreed)
So why did I turn to cookie well this time I am praying about it because with the footman I had not and it went really badly. I am praying for answers but the answer I always seem to get is PACIENCE.''

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