quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2012

'Cause you make me smile.

To get things off my mind.

'Since Monday night , I Princess VonCookies daughter of the Crazy Duke of blue and niece to the Condesa DeSopa, have found a slight joy and laughter and calmness at the thought of the Cookie Prince. Like perhaps before. I find myself imagining the prince's face in order to meditate. I have once again felt the rush of feelings within me. Yet his face now calms me.
I am no longer scared of looking at his face, though I am still hesitante. He does not see my feelings I think, and his face does not kill me as I almost felt it might. The thing that I have surpassed is looking into his eyes though only for short instances. But do not ask me their colour for still am I unsure. I think they are brown.
There is also something that I have done that perhaps has turned the cookie prince away.
I asked him ' well hi what are you doing in the metro you now take the bus.' He replied after nearly looking as if  thinking 'what the hell is this girl going to say, she's freaking me out'. But then was kind enough to reply that it was that he takes the bus when he has to go shopping and then named the store. I attempted to mend the situation by saying ' Please don't think I'm budding in.' (clearly I was I have a CRUSH on him) . And so we talked as we waited and then in the metro. and then he bade me good morrow and left to opposite direction (cause he was afraid I might follow him?). And so I went home light of heart with a smile on my face. And put on my magic mirror account 'cause you make me smile'. And even thought once i reached the royal train station of 'in the fields' they had scrapped my train. I upon consulting with the countess vonCakes went to the orient in order to make my magical way home. because I still figured it was worth talking to him. And thanks praise God there was a train for me in the orient. Now the in between the lines remaines secret for this passage of the fairyly story is not over yet we hope.'

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