sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

I killed a cookie

I killed a cookie

I killed a cookie
I replaced my dreams
instead of cookie
I dream of Ice Creams
I killled a cookie
with a time I did not see
and that time I did not see
made me realize cookie
was not for me
Not that I am looking
for anything else
to fill my need for some sugar

No need to worry the story has ended
no pain no nothing
Indeed very simple

If you look at a cookie
you want a cookie
but if you do not go to the bakery
then you cannot want any baked goods.

Tiered of starting so many stories
when deep down
I know they won't get any endings
So I killed a cookie
and now I'm free
to be happy
and enjoy my own family.

p.s. I bet he's forgotten all about the cookies.
then that really means I'm free

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