sábado, 2 de junho de 2012

Being Cinder-in-Hella

My mother just downgraded my crush in my eyes .

'Once upon a time my mother (let's call her the countess VonCakes) happened to look at the picture of a perticular guy(let's call him the cookie Prince) while we checked out pictures on my MagicMirror Account (sorry Snow White. I know it's traumatic for you.) also known as Facebook. Well I tried to downplay it all. and the countess was all like 'what that is the guy who said you looked older, well he looks older' (Thanks for defending me mother, but he does not look old.) But the worst part was when the countess said he looked like my father. (I love my father but I sure as hell don't want to crush on someone that 'looks like him'). So according to my mother the Cookie Prince looks like my father when he was younger only the prince is the dark version (he has dark hair, my father has blond hair). Oh and my father( let's call him Crazy Duke of Blue) looked better then the Cookie Prince. I (let's call me Cinderhella for the purpose of this post) have decided never to reveal my crush to my mother. I downplayed it by saying who him? he's just a dude from choir. I barelly even talk to him. (TRUE! AS HELL) I just added him 'cause we are in the same choir. and then later. Oh p.s. I just remembered at the Lagoa do Fogo the Cookie Prince is behind you in a picture. (one of my most cherished and awkard photos). Ah is he replied the countess. Did he speak to me? No replied Cinderhella. I didn't even speak to him in the Azores, so why would he speak to you.
Now I am wondering If the cookie Prince is a Prince or just another 'worse looking' dark haired version of Crazy Duke of Blue. It is so like Oedipus.(Guy from Greek tragedy who unknowingly marries his biological mother and has kids).
If the cookie Prince is a crazy cookie Prince then what am I gonna do?
If he isn't then will I notice it before it's too late.
Is my taste in guys only annoying ones or is this one not annoying and I'm just nervous.
Either way I'm gonna find a picture of my dad, Crazy duke of blue , and put it beside one of The Cookie Prince. Maybe my father is the better looking one but that shouldn't chance anything cause that means my good looks come from a crazy Duke of Blue but my calmness comes from the Countess VonCakes.
p.s. the countess and duke are divorced. The countess tolerates the duke but she doesn't really like him. She feels sorry for him.

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  1. Respostas
    1. funny how the truth can be funny :D

    2. It is!!! I was smiling when I was reading this! And I'll have company during dinner next monday!!! :P

    3. i'll be at the canteen doors on monday after my test and i'll send you a message. :)

  2. Que imaginação rapariga =p E ignora o facto de ele ser parecido, se não reparaste antes é porque não tem importância :3

    (essa Snow White sou eu? xD)

    1. sim es Snow White mas es uma 'fearless' Snow White.

      Pois mas eu descobri algo mais digamos estranho.
      O cookie prince é uma versão mais nova de um prof de ciencias pelo qual tive um fraco não agradável. (O prof era parvo e esquesito e eu punha a pensar 'de todos os profs tão giros este?' esse prof foi meu prof de ciencias no 9 ano)
      Mas é facto que a minha mãe disse essas coisas. Juro. As vezes a realidade é tão parva e chocante que pensamos que é ficção.

      Agora continuo no meu tempo de reflexão acerca do assunto. Depois de tests volto a pensar e depois tenho de oficialmente concluir se ainda gosto dele.
      Até agora a resposta é sim.