domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Oh who would ever wanna be king

You make me go crazy
Not knowing
And again
I follow the sunlight
Even though
You make my days bright.
I’m not worth a fight
I never even tried
Mind and heart defied.
Only once
Have I cried
No me
No you
In between reality
And a dream.
I like you
Just don’t know
Who the you is
Don’t know if you’re a dream
With a known face
Don’t know who the person
Behind the face is
Yet I look for God’s grace
For myself and what I think
You are
Should be alone
But when I think of you
It’s like there were two
Running, running
Still hiding
I blur the other faces.
I know you’re not
Not that you would care
That I notice
Writing you in my mind’s eye
Gives me no reason to cry
Maybe a white horse
Yet still I see what
Is in front of me
Trying to understand
If it’s any real
Is it wrong,
Should I write you a
Surely I will burn the words
Throw them to the wind
And yet even then
I won’t have peace
Rejecting, accepting, and
I feel. I Feel!
But soon I hope
I will
Forget you
Forget this feeling
In between fiction and
In between cookies
Away from the baking
I might let go

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