sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2012

We'll Rant and Roar

Today in Honour of Brimsty I am dedicating my post to complaining.
If you need to complain go ahead.
Only two rules : numerate your complaints and they have to be in English, French or Portuguese.
p.s. Random things are okay.

The title of this Post is Rant and Roar which happens to also be a song from the Canadian Band called The Great Big Sea.

This is their song to accompany you on your ranting. :D

1. I found a picture that I could use to compare the crazy duke of blue with the cookie Prince.
2. I found a second one too.
3.I'm trying to leave this all in God's hands. Since I believe in 'im might as well let him guide me and not worry about it.
4. No I still haven't gone to the beach.
5. I don't have a boyfriend or a fish named boyfriend.
6. I'm wondering what's the point of number 5 in both cases.
7. I feel i'm wasting my summer on stupid stuff.
8. Will I ever have the courage to face my fears?
9. Will I ever know myself well enough to not doubt my feelings for people who aren't my family?
10. I am not always funny, or mad. There is an inbetween people.
11. My penpals aren't answering so I've gone to chat rooms for people my age to talk.
12. number 11 wastes time but it ain't any comforting or much fun. It's soo frustrating having 6 guys private message and not have anything meaningful to say most of the time. So I ignore them but it takes a while to do that because you think yay someone who can talk about music. WRONG! It's always the same things .... or they are just trying to get you to send money or take them away from their countries. In rare cases some people say something worth while amid sooooo much crap.
So why do I do it? To waste time and remember how boring and stupid it is. Penpals are the better way to go they most of the time are interested in a cultural exchange of some sorte.

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