sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Cookie-Cookie-Cookie- Cupcake

''The Princess Cookie looked and looked but she could not find her Cupcake Prince. She found a Cookie one instead that she saw from afar. She liked him but then fear and time made her get over him but not completely for the Princess Cookie in random moments still wonders how many cookies she must bake until she reaches the Cupcake castle to find the cup cake prince that her Fairy God mother told her would be her true prince. Princess Cookie still looks for the Cupcake Prince though she fears she will have no pacience for any kind of Prince and because from time to time she still thinks about the cookie Prince. So she's decided to start making her gown she will wear when she finally finds the Cupcake Prince. Hopefully he won't be in disguise.

'The best things are worth waiting for' told her the fairy God Mother.'' (Tales of a cookie Princess)

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