sábado, 27 de dezembro de 2014

Feverish and Fun! and crazy holidays

So it's the holidays and my for someone who starts celebrating on their birthday (dec 21) it is the beginging to a marathon of celebrating.

Today I'm running a fever...Now for some fever induced jokes...

Me: I'm so hot!
person: Ya Right!
Me: just touch my forehead...

Why am I running a fever?
the best gift dad gave me for Christmas was the flu.
 I'm not kidding.

The second best was an argument about a fruit cake I was given in October. Aparently he hadn't given it to me and so on christmas day he says oh we can eat it. and I say no I gave it to someone. and he's all well it was mine.
You can't give someone something and then want it back. A gift is a gift.
(I had lots of other fruit cakes and so I gave it to someone special)

the third best was an argument on racism, and discrimination on Christmas.
I'm feminist which means I believe men and women are equal and should be treated as equals.
It went south fast.
He says some people put themselves in a position to be harassed. Which then reminds people that if you are bullied. Is it your fault for being a target ? no.

and to top all this off on christmas at midnight after I had been telling everyone i forgot the presents at home. (We had a huge amount of bags all with food no one noticed and he didn't even try to help while two women laboured quickly to get food done. he lounged on the sofa infront of a heater.)

Everyone knew I told everyone. Everyone told me it was okay.
So after midnight he realizes this and he gets mad and says let's go I don't want to be here anymore...
I wanted to see the reactions on their faces.
well news flash! I have bbeen working on the gifts since november! I did most of them. The two or three necklaces he bought It was MY idea to wrap them up. I did it all!
and like some sad child he wanted to go home. Because he didn't get his way.

but the truth is that not all was lost because just one crazy family member in the midst of 15 kind family members won't ruin anyone's Christmas.

I am blessed with a mother that has the sanity for two people, the strenght and courage of two.
and a bunch of people whom I love to the core and support me in the ways they know how.

i'm feeverish....

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