sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2016

Drowning (Lyrics? )

Drowning in books, pages,
Lookin' up things
No space to breath.
Tears running down my face.
Pulling my hair.
Workin' my soul bare.
Seeing that
they don't care.
They just look and stare
And my soul is bare.
Trying to scream!!!!!!
This was suppose to be my dream.

Can't take it anymore.
The empty feeling
Invading like a desert storm.
Words, corrections, grammar
and reflections.

Like drowning with no way to
Let the rain fall
Let the stones roll
on me.

For a moment to be free.

Books in every corner.
Ideas so fleeting,
So my much and so little preparation
Comes to nothing.

Drowning in water,
Drowning in my own tears.
Ripping my hair without a care.

Wishing I could scream
But no one wants to hear....

And slowly slipping
into oblivion

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