sábado, 4 de janeiro de 2014

A writer, a poet

I read the poems from this site before I met my teacher  http://poemsfromtheportuguese.org/Margarida__Vale_de_Gato
I didn't know if I would like her or not but I was decided not to go to class without at least having googled her. So that is what I did and I found her poetry. I spoke to me on a personal and perhaps on an activist level. No I didn't like all the poems. I didn't have to. I like these ones in particular because she translates them herself. Anyone who has translated anything that is literary knows how hard it is to do but when you translate your own literary work you come as close as you can to having the same voice in the original as in the translation. It's a different voice but it is always yours.

So I liked a poem or two.

Then I had a semester of classes. I got to know the teacher behind the poetry, the spirit. It was fascinating.
Somedays were tough, others were better. Somedays it was best to keep quiet. All in a very interesting semester.

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