sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2012

Werid moment 2

'' At first she thought it was a joke. He must seriously be kidding.

Yet he wasn't. For her 19th birthday he was giving her a ring, and not just any ring. He was giving her his ex-wife's engagement ring. It was golden and not very preety though it sparkeled.

What could her father be thinking giving her as her only birthday gift a ring he had given a women who wasn't her mother. A women whom he had been married such a short time. A women who had not had the time to become her step-mother. Who had only married her father for money.

Even though he knew this he still smiled as he gave his daughter the ring. And smiled again as he asked her if she had liked the gift. And yet again he smiled as he asked her if she had told her friends about the gift.

While all she thought of was of how soon she could get rid of this thing which represented a hard time in her life when he had silenced her for fear of the truth.

All she wanted was to get rid of the ring, not because of the ring itself but the meaning behind it, and her father's lack of sense in giving it to her.

It made no sense at all.'' (Excerpt)

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